101 Miles Hiked

This Saturday we bundled up and went on another hike. With another 2.5 miles, this makes 101 miles for the season. I reached my goal, with a few weeks left. (With busy weeks ahead though, this might be it). We started at Dry Canyon trailhead in Orem and hiked on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail over to the Battle Creek trailhead. It was a nice, easy hike with great views. There was lots of company too-we saw bikers, runners, horses and dogs. It was a cold day, but we stayed warm all nice and bundled. Peter walked quite a bit, although he is a little slower and curious then his parents might like. He was also content to be on daddy’s shoulders (and luckily daddy is okay to have him up there). It snowed a little bit that morning, which was lots of fun. We probably aren’t getting much snow this year so we have to enjoy the little we get now. Now for pictures, which mostly feature one adorable little boy. He’s actually starting to pose.

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