Mini-Vacation to Logan

We went up north for a weekend and it felt very much like like a very small vacation. Most of it was spent visiting with my twin Heather and her family. We came up Friday afternoon and went to the Willow Park Zoo which was hot and a little boring, but Peter enjoyed it. That night we set up a tent in my sister’s backyard. I love camping, even if it is fake camping. It’s fun being able to wake up outside and see the stars.

The next morning we went on a hike to White Pine Lake. It was full of wildflowers, much prettier than any of my pictures. We remembered bug spray too this time. I have a goal to hike 100 miles this year: I’m at 58.2 miles, so I’m over halfway. Hopefully we’ll go a lot on vacation at the end of the month and in the break between Joe’s finals and his next semester. But there’s still lots of landscaping project to get done to, so we’ll see.

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After the hike, we visited some more family members up north, including a birthday party for Joe’s grandma. Made it home before 9:00 with one tired toddler.


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