Big Springs Hollow

The benefit of living with my grandparents is that there are tons of people visiting all the time. It’s loads of fun and I am never lonley. Life has been super busy and fun lately as well. I love summer. There is so much to do outside. We’ve always loved to go hiking, but often lack the time. This week we took a whole afternoon and went on a longer hike.

The plan was to hike up Big Springs Hollow and maybe even hike clear over and down Rock Canyon. The hike went well. Peter hiked a little, but was mostly content enough to stay in the pack (and take his nap for a big portion.) I’m very luck to have a crazy in-shape husband who can lug him around. (Joe really doesn’t exercise but he still manages to stay in shape and look great. Carrying Peter helps us stay on the same level.)

So we weren’t exactly sure where we would end up, just following the trail and we came to this:

I’m not quite used to needing snowshoes in June, and was ill prepared in a pair of Chacos. We turned around, but I don’t think we were very far from dropping down into rock canyon. We’ll have to try it again sometime. After turning back and getting out of the snow, we set up the hammocks and took a good break. Total we hiked about 8 miles, which is the longest hike I’ve been on for a couple years.

We were nearing the end of the hike, almost to the car. Peter was walking, and enjoying the flooded section of the road we where on. The flooding soon fizzled out which made Peter very confused. He pointed at the mud saying “Wa-wa?” and decided the best option would be to turn around and go back to the puddles. That was not an idea we approved of, so we had to convince him there was water further down the road as well.

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