Almost Summer

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The rain stopped, and the sun has come, although it is still a bit cooler than it normally is. Peter and I went swimming for the first time. He loved it last year. We haven’t gone for months, and it scared him a little. By the end he was at least having a lot of fun splashing on the edge, but didn’t like going in the pool. I’ll have to go more to get him used to it.

We hiked up Grove Creek a couple weeks ago, and then hiked the “G” last week. I had never done it before, and the short hike fit the amount of time we had.

One of the best moments I had was playing with Peter outside. It was almost nap time for him and I was tired too. I laid down and asked him to come take a nap. He laid down and used my arm as a pillow and surprising fell asleep. Then I did too. It was the most refreshing 10 minute nap I’ve had, laying in the grass under the sun.


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