I love spring and Peter.

So I’ve been super busy with everything this spring. Gardening is like that. For instance, today I worked on a landscape design, got gas for the lawn mower and started it up (it has a battery and ignition which is pretty cool), hauled a load of branches broken off from the wicked snow storm on Sunday, cut up enough for a second load, checked on the garden, and went grocery shopping. Loads more I could have done…but I decided today I needed to spend lots of time with this guy:

We dunked basketball, ran baseball bases, rocked on the teeter-totter, laugher, smiled, cried a little, ate lots of crackers and hot dogs, read stories, swung on the swing, chased each other, made loads of funny sounds, danced, ran, walked, pulled wagons, rode, and of course, wandered. It is so fun being able to play all day long, and feeling like I did better than yesterday when I worked all day long. It’s a joy seeing him learn how to talk, and getting bigger and stronger ever day. He is happily not nursing to sleep for his nap, which means I’m down to once a day at bedtime. And we both quite enjoy that. We were outside playing a bunch today, and the only thing that got him to come inside was mentioning “sleep.” It’s usually either that, cookies, or  daddy that gets him inside without crying. I’m lucky that he likes bedtime and nap-time.

And just because he’s awesome too, here’s a little about my husband. Joe me when I made it to the grocery store 15 minutes away without my wallet (this is the second time this week I forgot my wallet at the store). He just dished me ice cream And he’s working 40 hours this week due to extra training with finals two weeks away. Go Joe!


4 thoughts on “I love spring and Peter.

  1. Becca says:

    This is so so cute!!! Will misses Peter I know it isn’t near as funny when he says BOO to me, but it still makes me smile. He is very cute boy. :] hope all is well. :]


  2. Emily says:

    I love this post. Its how I feel lots of days. I treasure the days I can just play with Anna. And Peter is so fun to play with.


  3. William says:

    I miss peter, but i’m glad you guys are having a blast. It’s awesome how the little things in life when we stop to enjoy them bring the greatet happiness 🙂


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