Big Springs in Winter

I found this site and decided to try one of the trails mentioned, Big Springs up Provo Canyon. It was a well used trail, with no snowshoes required. (We did pack them with us for no reason.) I had printed off map/trail guide but lost it on the trail. This was after we broke from the main trail, onto a lesser-used route. It was a little annoying not knowing where we were, because we were trying to get somewhere just on a slightly more exciting trail. It worked out and we got to the springs (I think) and did a loop like we planned to. Most of all we did have a great time. It was our longest hike this winter and a good one.

The most exciting part for me (besides having a squabble with my husband halfway up, the result of me not eating enough: I must be fed to be happy) was seeing a bald eagle on the Provo River on the way up. No pictures (at almost 60 mph), but exciting.

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*I was going to include a map, but I’m still a little lost. Winter changes things a bit, and USGS maps are often outdated. So no map.



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