New Year

Ignore the noise: I took it through my window. Too cold to go outside.

Welcome to the new year! I’ve got lots of good goals. ( I like goals too.) They do not include losing weight (since I would rather gain some), or getting out of debt (since we will need more to get through school). But they do include getting up earlier (although I usually get up well before 7, so this might seem a bit strange to some people), reading 25 new books, heading a community garden, and getting new gardening clients. My favorite one is to take a picture of the sunrise every morning. I made that because too often I get caught up in life and forget to realize how wonderful/beautiful it is. And I think it will be fun.

We spent New Year’s Eve at my parents house eating pitas and playing games. Reverse charades is the funniest game ever. I have not laughed that hard and that long in ages. My brother in law reading cheese instead of chess was the best. I stayed up until midnight (which is very late for me), and went to bed right after. I was actually brushing my teeth when the new year came rolling in. So I guess it can be the year of dental hygiene.

And Peter is adorable. He now likes to sweep and mop floors. If you count moving a rag back and forth on the floor as mopping.


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