First Snowshoe

We had to use the new kid carrier we got for Christmas so we went snowshoeing. Yesterday we went up Maple canyon in Mapleton. It was quite an excellent place to snowshoe, and there were several other groups we came across while we were out. There were lots of places to go exploring, and with fresh snowfall it was beautiful. We didn’t go long, not with Peter in tow. I carried him for about 200 ft, and than luckily buff husband carried him the rest of the time. He is heavy, even with a nice backpack for him to ride in. I really wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t so big: small babies have lots of advantages.

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It’s been nice not having school for Joe. Although he picked up extra shifts at work and is still gone quite a bit. Today we tried to go sledding. We went up to the disk golf course in Spanish Fork. We already knew it had pretty good hills…but it’s also windy. Windy and cold meant a short trip. It was also nap time for Peter, so he was tired and hated the wind. We’ll try again sometime, hopefully when it is warmer. I just don’t know about any good sledding places around where I live now. I miss the gravel pits in Lehi and Old Main Hill in Logan. I’m sure there are good places to go, any ideas?


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