Here is one Christmas tradition I remember enjoying every year:

Countdown chains. Just take kiss-ish candy, hot glue onto ribbon, put bow on top. Hanging them has often been a challenge: this year I used strong magnets on my refrigerator. Which meant no nail holes in the wall, and no duct tape to prevent them pulling through the nail holes. And they are very short right now, because Christmas is coming up quick!

We had tons of snow today. Appropriate with the first day of winter tomorrow. It was pretty wet snow. Peter and I went outside exploring in it. He liked the sled a lot, but I’m disappointed in the lack of hills around my current house: I had to pull the sled around. There was also this time where he turned around to go down a hill, and continued to crawl backwards when he realized he could slide on the snow. He went for a good ten feet before stopping. Kids are funny. I hope the snow lasts, it is pretty warm. It would be nice to have snow around when Joe’s on break (he’s taking finals this week) so we can go somewhere with small hills and sled.

And I’ve already had my Christmas Eve party with my family. My sister took off to Florida so we had it early. My family got a toddler basketball hoop and poinsettia (I love having a poinsettia and almost didn’t get one). Peter already knows how to dunk it. It helps that everyone would cheer quite loudly when he did it. It was so much fun to spend time with all my family. That’s one of the best things about Christmas.


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