Christmas Card

I did not send out formal Christmas card, but always enjoy reading recaps of peoples’ lives over the year. So here is what happened to my little family this year:

Joe graduated a year ago, worked at Icon for a month, got laid off,  then found a job at APX Alarm doing tech support. So we moved from Logan to a new apartment in Springville in March. He started physical therapy school in May, which he very much enjoys. It is fun working towards a career. He has done very well, and maintained a good balance between work, school, and his family.

Peter is growing, and growing. He is large for his age and also adorable. His favorite things right now are reading stories, eating fig newtons, bouncing, and most of all going exploring outside. This year he has learned to sit, crawl, gained almost 16 teeth, walk, and started learning to talk. And he turned a year old.

Liz started out the year teaching the free gardening class for the extension office again. Most of her time has been spent taking care of Peter. She also spends lots of time cooking, cleaning,  sewing, and even had a small patio garden out back. Liz is also attempting to start her own horticulture business. Only a few clients so far, but high hopes for next season.

Fun things our family did this year included:

  • Hiking, trails include: Stewart Falls, Wadsworth Canyon, Diamond Fork Hot Springs, Day’s Canyon, the Y, and several other unnamed trails. We discovered a wonderful new canyon, Hobble Creek, after leaving Logan Canyon behind.
  • Played disk golf on courses in Utah County. One time included ending up up to my chest in mud.
  • We went on vacation to the Grand Tetons, and camped there a couple nights. We also had an overnight family reunion in July up in Heber. And Peter got to go to Disneyland for his first birthday with his mommy and grandparents.
  • Moved, and started to make lots of new friends. We all love where we live.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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