I very much wish I could play competitive volleyball again. Sometime I want to play in a good league with a team that is good enough to have a designated setter and maybe even wear kneepads. But Saturday I did have an opportunity to play and watch. It was the district volleyball tournament, and our ward played in it. We won by forfeit and just played for fun the first game. Then we played another team that was quite good and lost. (I was okay with that. It meant we didn’t have to come back later on.) I had a lot of fun. I’m not good anymore (I was never wonderful), but with the co-ed I don’t do to bad. And it is fun to play with Joe. Peter was with us, he did pretty good about being distracted by the other kids there. But he still sometimes tried to come play too.  When we were just playing for fun, he would wander out on the court. It was great fun to say “Hands up” and he would do it.

That night I went on a double date with my brother to the last BYU women’s volleyball game. (After a delicious meal where I made ham for the first time. I love to cook for people.) A girl I played with in high school plays on the team (and she’s really good). It was the last time I could go see her play, and it was lots of fun to watch her. It was a pretty good match too. Peter was crawling around the bleachers, and at one time ended up in a strange women’s arms. He was fine with it and stayed there quite a while. I love grandmas that like whatever kid passes their way.

For old time’s sake, here is a picture of me playing:


One thought on “Volleyball

  1. Claire says:

    I know how you feel. Even after all these years there’s a piece of me that wants to be in a play again, but not bad enough to go to all the bother.


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