The Couch

I passed by bargain fabrics at Walmart and ended up with 10 yards of a green knit material. The goal was to make a cover for my comfortable, but pink-floral couch. And I did it! I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Especially because it didn’t take me near as much time as I thought it would. (Probably because I made lots of shortcuts. And I love knits because you don’t have to hem.)

Here’s how I did it:

  • I measured from the bottom of the couch clear across underneath the cushions, along the back, and back down the other side to the bottom. Cut a piece of fabric a little longer. Luckily my fabric was pretty wide, so I didn’t worry about width.
  • Cut two pieced of fabric the width of the arms. Started tucking it all together and holding edges to make sure it would all work.
  • Then I cut fabric to go around the cushions. I folded it around, pinned it to fit, and sewed the two side leaving the back open.
  • Then I pinned the other three pieces together while the fabric was inside out on the couch. I only did four seams: one at each bottom corner of the couch. I was going to do more but discovered I could simply tuck the fabric and used a staple gun to secure other portions.

That is all (with lots of adjustments along the way). I’m really glad I had the fabric I did: the stretch made it easier to adjust and pull where I needed. And I love not hemming. I have about 3 yards of extra fabric. The total cost of the slipcover was $7. Very, very cheap due to bargain fabric. I want to make a skirt and pillows out of the extra fabric. Then I will match my couch when I wear my skirt.

Here’s the lovely couch before the cover:

Note the pillows that don’t match as well. I redid those last March. Here is the couch now with matching pillows:

It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it. Got to be better than pink floral. And it cost $7. Can’t complain.


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