The great find of the week, hiking wise, was Summit Post. And it seems to have brought some more visitors as well, since I put this website up. If you are intersted in hiking, go check it out. It has tons of information on hiking areas across the world. Locally, it had trail information for all the destination hikes–summit of mountains, lakes, etc. I can also sign trail logs and keep track of where I’ve been, and even add about anything I would want to.

It’s getting colder now. We took a short hike on Saturday and found snow on the trail. I’m actually surprising myself by being quite happy about the change of seasons. Winter is just more laid back. And I’ve always thought fall was the prettiest time of year. I really enjoy going outside in the fall, even when it is cold. (I think its easier when its cold instead of too hot. You just bundle up, and don’t have to stay out that long.) Last night, I took Peter out before dinner. He kept going to the door, poor kid hadn’t been anywhere all day. We played on the playground out back–he loves to swing and go down slides. There’s so much to explore too. I love watching him enjoy life and figure out new things. He kept pointing to the trees or sky, and I was trying to figure out what he wanted explained to him. He has this “oo-daa” he says, which is his “what’s that?” It’s so cute.

Then later on, I went to put something on the window sill and was surprised by a cat at my window. Pete and I went out and played with her a little. I wish I could have a cat, but in the meantime it was fun playing with the one we found. It was fun to see them interact. Peter would crawl after her, and she wasn’t timid and let him pet her.


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