It’s been a while since I posted. The weather is cold, and my thoughts have turned away from gardening a bit. But on a related note, I’ve been thinking a lot about the seasons. It’s fall now. The leaves are all senescing and everything is going dormant for the cold of winter. Lots of people around me are complaining about it. I have found myself complaining in other years. But this year I’m  loving fall, and looking forward to winter.

It’s wonderful to have all the changes in weather. I love living in Utah, where we have four distinct seasons and lots of snow in the winter. This year, I’m excited to take my toddler out to play in the snow. He has no idea what snow is. One morning it was raining dip-in-dots (not quite snow–that’s the best I can describe it), and we went out in our pajamas. He was captivated by the strange, small white balls. Winter means sledding, snowshoeing, hot chocolate, Christmas, and more laid back days without so much to do. Sometimes its a little too cold and long, but I don’t need to worry about that until January. Maybe this year I can actually learn how to ski too. (I’ve lived in Utah my entire life and never skied. It is something I need to change.)

But its not quite winter yet. It’s fall. Oh glorious fall that has always been my favorite season. It’s beautiful. The air is so crisp, and I get outside more (or at least feel like I do) than any other season. The leaves are falling off trees, and there is snow in the mountains. I’ve gone outside and played in the leaves with my family. I love the sound of them when I walk through. I even like the cold air, and bundling up myself and toddler so we don’t freeze. Thanksgiving is next week, which means great food and family. Fall is just a wonderful time to be grateful for all I am blessed with.

I’m actually grateful for the break in gardening as well. I can catch up on other projects, like a box full of sewing, and get my business more grounded before the rush in spring. I’m currently working on a sortable list of perennials I like, and I’m re-remembering all the ones I’ve forgotten. I am happy right now with the weather and everything else in my life.

*I feel stupid. The title of this post was misspelled. I rely on spell checker too much.