The end fingers of my hand are tingling. I must have hit a nerve or something as I was digging. I do have a nice blister in the middle of my palm, and I am wondering why I can’t hold a trowel properly. I got a blister from a trowel. I have now learned that I really should go out and buy or permanently borrow a good shovel. A trowel was not meant to be used to plant so many bulbs. It would have been much easier just to dig up the bed. Oh well. It’s done and I hope my fingers will stop tingling soon.

But the good news is I just planted over 100 bulbs in front of my apartment. (100 seems like a lot until you start planting. Could have used three times as much.) I ordered them forever ago, and they finally got here later than I would have liked. Luckily it is extremely warm right now. (It’s November and I was outside sweating!) The deplorable landscape should turn into a mass of spring color. I hope for that, at least. But anything has to be better than the deadness that currently grows there.

Little son actually helped too! He would put the bulbs in the hole and cover it with dirt. He’s turning into quite the little gardener. Although he also tried to eat the dirt, the rocks, and a bulb. What can you expect from a one-year old?


2 thoughts on “Finally–Bulbs!

  1. Toni - Signature Gardens says:

    I have an arm injury, so a friend of mine came over today to help me plant 100+ bulbs (with a trowel), and by the time she was done, she too had a blister on her palm!! I agree, trowels are not meant for planting that many bulbs! I hope your hand recovers quickly. We gardeners abuse our bodies and expect them to just keep on keepin’ on! Take care, and enjoy all those flowers in the spring!!


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