Someday I will no longer waste my time on useless things because my day is not working out quite right.

Someday I will actually have clients, and my buisness will be succesful.

Someday my little son will not be afraid of all vacuums and I will be able to clean properly.

Someday I will be content with who I am, and who I am will be better than what I am now.

Someday my husband will have a regular, well paying job.

Someday we will have two cars.

Someday we will have a house with a garden.

But now…

I have the best little son ever.

I am learning how to be a better person.

My dear husband works hard, and is miraculously going to school to have a great career.

I still can do yoga, and keep my house pretty clean, and read books, and go to bed before everyone else usually does.

I have a small garden that takes only a little time.

The weather is very nice, and I can take long walks around a neighborhood I love.

I am just where I want to be.


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