Here are some pictures of Peter before going on walks. It shows the variance in weather we’ve be having.

Cold Day

Way Fun Sunglasses from Grandpa


So Joe suprised me for mother’s day and made me a neckalce. I was expecting anything much, and it made me tremendously happy. He’s started school now, and all is going well. Peter fell and hit his head pretty hard–I think the first of many bruises. Still not trying to crawl, but I’m okay with that. He doesn’t get into things.

I started my garden, and wrote about it at my gardening blog. This week, Joe and I have been married two year! It’s been a busy two years too. We’re going out for sushi tomorrow…yum.

And Peter started to clap his hands. It’s very cute. We went out for the evening, and he was with his Aunt Riss. We came back and he was clapping his hands. Kudos to Riss for accidentally teaching him. He loves to, and does it all the time.


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