My Garden

This is the start of my garden…

Just a little patio garden off the back of our apartment. I think it is just about perfect for the amount of time and money I have (very little of both). It’s on the north side of the building and is mostly in the shade all day long. I was a little disappointed because that means it severely limits what I can grow. But I’ve got great plans for it. The only thing that was in the garden when I inherited it was some daffodils and another unknown bulb. It has flower buds on it, so I should find out what it is soon, but I’m thinking it’s Star-of-Bethlehem.

This is my plan: (and sorry, it’s not big enough to worry about good graphics)

Today was my first day of digging in the dirt, and really getting my hands dirty. I dug up the old daffodil bulbs and started planting perennials. I planted the three Heuchera (coral bells) plants I bought: ‘Dolce Creme de Menthe’,  ‘Blackout’, and ‘Midas Touch’ . Previously, we had seeded some mixed leaf lettuce next to where I planted Heuchera. In my garden last year, I ended up with leaf lettuce almost all season long, and I’m hoping for the same this year.

There is two other storage containers I’ve drilled holes in and filled with potting soil. I seeded some greens into one, and want to put herbs in the other. They aren’t that deep, but I’m hoping the herbs and greens will do well in them. It’s a very cheap experiment. Still lots more to do.

Best thing about this, is with all the rain lately, I haven’t had to water anything! I don’t think there is a hose bib anywhere near, so it’s going to be a chore in the summer.