Veggie Planning Guide

Another garden blogger had me look at vegetable seed starting guide from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. (I would link the chart, but I can’t seem to find it). I liked the excel format, with the ability to change the last spring frost date. Previously, when I lived up in Logan, I had made a table listing all the dates for vegetables. I had when to start from seed, when to plant, days to maturity, and harvest dates. Quite proud of it, and I found it very useful. But…I moved to Provo, where the last spring frost is different. The dilemma was my chart was now a little bit off.

So I used the idea from the Johnny’s Seeds, and transferred it to an excel and reformatted it so I could change the last spring frost. Now I have a spreadsheet I absolutely love, and I must share it with the gardening world. Here it is: Veggie Planning Guide (Sometimes these links don’t work, or you might want it in a different format. If you do e-mail me (, and I’ll send you a copy directly.)

Now, upon looking at the actual last spring frost for my area, (if in Utah you can get the date from this site) I realized the dates weren’t that different. I could have used the same original sheet. But I would have missed out on all the fun of making a new spreadsheet, and being able to share it with gardeners everywhere.

If you think some of the info could be updated–please comment. Upon looking through the dates, I think they could use some improvement. But I do know if I’m going to lettuce and kohlrabi, I better get planting!