Daylight Savings Time

Last night I was very worried about getting to church today. Joe was away at work, and would be through church, along with the trusty car. It’s happened before, and I normally get rides with neighbors. For

This morning I woke up, got ready, and was working on my Sunday School lesson on the computer, when I looked down and realized it was not 8:15, but 9:15 (thanks to daylight savings time) and I was already 15 minutes late for church. The neighbors had long left. I wolfed down the rest of my breakfast, hurriedly finished getting ready, tried to call my husband with no luck, and hopped on my bike. Thank goodness for long black skirts. I was only about a half hour later, arrived in plenty of time to give my lesson, and got a little extra exercise. I actually quite enjoyed church because I made it there against many odds.

Last year, Joe and I missed an hour of church due to daylight savings time. This time only a half-hour, so at least I’m getting better. I liked it when it was on conference weekend because it was so easy to remember. If I had a vote I would change it back. It would save me from a slightly chilly bike ride.


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