I think spring might be beginning. The bulbs are pushing up their fleshy green leaves. The snow is begining to melt away from the ground reveling grass still not revived from a long sleep. Finally spring is coming to my doorstep! I am having visions of going out an planting vegetables, pruning fruit trees (that I should be doing already), and not being stuck indoors with a few suffering houseplants.

Right now is a great time to start working on propagation too. I am currently inolved in a native plant propagation workshop, and we are just about to plant up the seeds that we have been stratifing for the last few months. Just so you know stratifing is the process of placing dormant seeds in cold moist conditions (often a refrigerator). It mimics the effect winter has on the seeds. I find it interesting how different seeds are. Some require three months, others a few weeks. It will be fun to see how the ones do that I have going.


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