Someday I will remember to tell you about the oven, the dish-rack, another time snowshoeing, more school, and more. I even have pictures. But they are on my camera, not my computer and I don’t want to take the time and go get them.

Instead you are going to here about how I just barely finished filing my income taxes. Because I did. I got my federal return filed last week, and my state just barely. Not a huge refund due to 4 jobs between the two of us, change of filing status, etc. But actually, that’s not a bad thing. It just means we received more money in each paycheck. And since we are doing a good job of saving anyway, it’s worth it.

I have to say that I kinda like filing taxes. It is still easy for us–we don’t really make enough, or have any complicating factors. The hard thing this year was trying to get Joe’s W2 from his old work. They sent it to the wrong address, Joe went to the company, they were going to mail it to us and never did, went back again and finally go it. I wanted to do taxes but was unable to do so. Not fun. I always get my taxes done very early, and I would highly recommend it for two reasons. 1)It’s done with, and 2)I get my refund faster.

Happy tax filing!


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