More of the Same

School is busy. I am learning how to answer questions like–The total absorbed radiation is 500 WM^-2, relative humidity is 40% and the air is 25 C.What must the transpiration rate be for the leaf to stay at exactly the same temperature as the air? I am also learning how to draw landscape plans, that is using up all of my limited drawing skills. But its really not too hard.

We have been snowshoeing/hiking the last two Saturdays. I made the ambitious and almost certainly failable goal of going hiking once a week for the upcoming year. Only missed one week so far. Last Saturday I went with my old roommate, Beth, through whom I met Joe. That was fun because we hadn’t seen each other for ages. This Saturday I went just with Joe. He picked the location, down Blacksmith Fork canyon. Not a whole lot of snow, so we didn’t bring the snowshoes (one huge advantage of owning your own snowshoes is you don’t feel obligated to use them when you don’t need them). At the end we were wishing for them a little more. The cool thing about  the hike was we were pretty alone. We saw one set of footprints going up and back and that’s all.  And it was way quiet: no cars and other people around.

We end up a canyon, and started up a mountain. Didn’t really know where we were, so we didn’t finish the climb up the mountain. Joe had to work later on, and we had limited time. On the way back. I decided I didn’t want to go clear back so we slid down the side of the mountain. That was fun. And only possible in the snow.


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