I read too much. Since last Saturday I’ve read three books, and that’s with school and work going on. I’m horrible at putting away a book while I’m in the middle of it–I put off everything else and go and finish it. 

I think because I like reading so much, I also like to go to the library. I was there Tuesday night, and looked at a book, and though, “Heather had that book and it looked good. Maybe I should read it.” I checked it out brought it home, and started to look through it a bit and realized I had already read it. Guess I wasn’t paying too much attention.

So the last book I read was King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner. This is the third in a pretty good series. I think Turner likes to leave the reader wondering what in the world is going on until the very end. I’ve found myself wading through the beginning of the book, thinking this book’s okay, and then getting to the end thinking–wow that was amazing. King of Attolia was a little more straightforward then the first two, but still had the same feel.


2 thoughts on “Reading

  1. cwalk64 says:

    I don’t read enough, for the same reasons you say you read too much. I know when I get into a book the rest of my life goes by the wayside so I don’t every dare start. Magazine articles are my friend.


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