Married Now

The wedding was wonderful and everything was perfect. It is strange to be married now, but also very wonderful. Still a lot to get used to and figure out, but I am enjoying it.

The apartment is all set up, and most of the gifts used or duplicated returned. We still have a pile of thank you’s to write, and cars to registered. I did get on Joe’s bank account today, so we can actually see how much money we have.

We like our apartment and ward. The ward was a lot of fun–knew a couple people beforehand. It is weird to actually have a family, and belong to someone when you meet people. The apartment is cute now, and the only complaints I have is no Internet and a small shower.

It was wierd–got Ben’s e-mail, and the first wedding picture I saw was his all doodled up. I would love to look through wedding pictures and talk to my family more–so we think we’ll come down to Lehi soon. This weekend, the decided to ask us to talk in church. I don’t even think our records are there, but we now have talks to give. It’s only 15 min. for the both of us, so not too bad.

Back at work now, or at least some of the time. The summer should be fun.


3 thoughts on “Married Now

  1. hwalk says:

    I realized that about the picture when Ben sent it. But you’ll see them soon enough.

    A few more presents have come for you too, so that will be fun.


  2. Claire says:

    Happy one week!! Just so you know marriage gets much better with time. As dad and I were loading the pinewood derby track last night, I told him “we sure make a good team” i don’t think I always felt that way, sometimes I felt like that I had to earn his love and be perfect not ever asking for help with anyting, but now I know he does and has always just loved me for me. I want to come see your apartment soon.


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